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Labor & Employment Law Attorney Serving San Jose, California Since 1994

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Reliable California Employment Law Attorney Advocates for Workers

Accomplished San Jose lawyer helps clients with a range of employment law matters

At the Law Offices of James Dal Bon, we make it our goal to help employees handle everything from wage & overtime claims to noncompete agreements. From our office in San Jose, we’ve represented California workers in all manner of employment law disputes since 1994. Our founder, James Dal Bon, has over 25 years of employment law experience, which he uses to protect the interests of his clients.

Innovative employment law adviser assists workers with resolving a wide array of claims

We have the skills to analyze and litigate employment cases involving:

  • Wrongful termination — We help employees who believe they have been fired in violation of the law or their contract file wrongful termination.
  • Wage & overtime claims — If you haven’t been accurately compensated for overtime hours or sick days, we will help you file a wage & overtime claim with the goal of recovering damages for any unpaid time or expenses.
  • Severance agreements — We help clients review their severance agreements to discern that their termination was lawful and, if necessary, litigate an unlawful agreement in court.
  • Noncompete agreements — When employees are given noncompete agreements to sign, we help them determine whether or not their ability to earn a living is being unlawfully hindered.
  • Harassment and discrimination — If you have been the victim of discrimination or sexual harassment in the workplace, we will work to hold your employer responsible. In cases where multiple employees experience the same unlawful treatment from an employer, we handle class action lawsuits and fiercely represent our clients in federal court.

At our law offices, we also handle employment issues in the administrative law field by defending claims made by municipal employees against their government employers.

Schedule a free consultation with a dependable California employment law attorney today

When your employer has treated you unfairly or acted unlawfully, the Law Offices of James Dal Bon in San Jose can help you seek justice. To schedule your free initial consultation, call 650-630-2447 or contact us online.

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